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About HCNW

So you have a financial challenge or want to seize a big opportunity. 
Here's how HCNW works for you.


1.   Meet to explore scope, skills and duration of need.


2.  Approve workplan and agree on deliverables, HCNW team led by Nancy, communications and fee schedule.


3.  Collaborative work begins.  Regular progress reports and up front trouble-shooting keeps things on track.


4.  Measure and celebrate success.   Do it again!




Nancy hand picks the team from a group of proven, talented professionals that she's groomed from years of successful consulting projects.  Each are independent business people with shared values - Responsibility, Quality, and Trust.   Their ability to closely collaborate for your success is paramount.  Healthy living, gratitude and humor are shared by everyone who works on a HCNW team.





Fees are generally agreed fixed amounts per week or month, anchored by outcomes. 


Sometimes fees are quoted hourly when the scope or outside circumstances make it challenging to determine a fixed amount.



Here's Nancy's flash bio (see also Linked-In):

  • CPA licensed in Oregon

  • CM&AA certified (M&A certification sponsored by the Alliance of M&A Advisors)

  • Served as contract CFO for over 20 privately-held companies spanning three decades

  • International CPA Firm 9 years, financial auditing and forensics skills development

  • Regional CPA Firm 19 years (12 years as an partner), led consulting division for outsourced financial staffing services

  • Established HCNW in 2011 to capitalize on deep experience and uniquely serve clients "from the inside out" with cost-effective fees

  • Recognized as one of the BJ's 40 Under 40 leaders (OK, it was awhile ago, but she's still kickin' it!)

  • Goes bonkers for nature, cycling, friends and family, a good book and glass of wine





Chief Financial Officer






Financial Analyst








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